Bizzaro Vail

Haven’t been back in a few days as the skiing was marginal last time I was out.   I’ve been taking advantage of the continuing spring weather to get back on piste and start to put the work skiing wise in for the upcoming AK trip.  Almost died off the Avanti catwalk yesterday as I hit it too straight on and rocket shipped to the flats.  Recovery training, check.

Greybird Thursday morning and I’m headed back out to see what if anything is going on.  No new precipitation, but forecast is hopeful for today and tonight.  Stuck on the one fifty ish mark for snowfall,  La Nina needs to kick it up for the next three months.

Reflecting on the season, and though it has been the leanest in terms of snowfall in my time here, its honestly been one of the most interesting in terms of avalanche cycles and human nature.  Things like lower Sugar mountain and Windows, sliding for the first time in many years.  In bounds avi fatalities, but none outside the gate(luckily and thankfully).  Very warm spells after snows and no real continuous snow for more than a day.  It just has been off. John the EV bus driver, compares this to the 82-83 season, when a powder day didn’t rear its fluffy head all year.  However, he said the next year was the biggest year he’s ever seen.  Interesting local weather observation from someone been here for a few years.

In terms of human nature, the reaction to EVI, (and whatever demon shape you choose to let it take in your own perception) has been equally interesting.   Culminating a stalk/showdown in front of Gorsuch, the hype and misinformation has hit its peak. This blog was started with the loftiest of goals and best of intentions, but we all know what road was paved with those.  Fell for some of the baiting and I regret that.  Otherwise, the idea of providing simple info for EV is something that has merit and if nothing else has got me to sharpen my own snow skills and appreciate the runs I’ve had back there. I It’s a great training area for big mountain skiing and its location and ease of access next to the biggest ski complex in North America represents some unique challenges in terms of access and safety.

I think my  lesson learned is that skiing is an individual sport to the core.  All those ideals of appealing to the EVI “community” is really appealing to a thousand different ideas of what is right in terms of line choice protocol and group safety.  No real surprise there, I guess.   But the reaction from people I know locally, that know the amount of time in I have out there has been the most enlightening.  A measure of respect was called for, but not given.  The FFHBC(frustrated fathers/husbands backcountry collective)  has taken responsibility.  Noted.

Starting to snow, packing it up and headed out to get some info.  Report back soon with some objective info.




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