1/29/12 East Vail Dog Shack/ Trip Report 1/29/12

As the tour buses pull up and deliver hundreds of  Japanese tourists ready to schralp the gnar, we realized a key component was missing in our customer service .With the proper permits in place and a written authorization from the mayor of EV  himself, we proudly introduce plans for the East Vail Dog Shack, a 5000 square foot yurt that will provide a range of pay for services.  Hot dogs, maps, sports psychology seminars, bumper stickers that say “I Did An Old Man’s” will be waiting for the intrepid client.

Unbeknownst to me, the EVI Parkasaurus Rex has already been built.  I was witness to some fine freestyle X-Games style snowboarding action on my way out  to the bus.  With a little medical training, I felt compelled to watch the first send of the Frozen Catfish, the most technically demanding trick ever.  I’m gonna give it to him on the landing.   He landed on his head but was o.k.  They were having fun down low.

Parkasaurous Rex

Took Saturday off, as is my ritual, and it’s always nice to go back and see.  The tracks tell a story.  Usual tracks down the left side of Abe’s,  Tweeners, Tele Line was hit and all the traverses were in. Went down the ridge and encountered the wind slab up top with a little emerging cornice.  Spent some time cutting fridge size chunks with a saw/pole combination sending them onto the scarp before dropping in and down in the trees.

Snow was dense and wind affected but held and little movement. A  sign of a small natural hard slab release up towards CDC, but not significant in terms of size or run.  Dove into the east side trees near the flats to dig a pit.

Another 35 degree N-NE slope at 10000 feet, higher than the last area I dug in, but other wise similar.  It was another storm to warm cycle, and it was balmy again (6 C).  Snow surface temp was -3 C, but didn’t need to get temps because the whoomphing and propagating cracks to the top of the convex roll told the story. Again I chose a spot where above me was walled with trees and downfall close by to limit the hangfire.

As I dug the columns and readied them for testing, each of the three columns failed during the cutting process.  The snow was 110 cms deep the columns failed within the 2mm facets that made up the first layer from the ground.  Easy, but not a clean sheer.  That’s just bad.

The stability is terrible in the trees, but Old Man’s right side/ lower midle had five tracks in it with no activity.  There was signs of debris in CDC, covered by the recent storm.

Skiing was o.k  and didn’t see any movement, but the pit was pretty much as it was before.

What I saw in the pit.

Ground to 35 cms: Fist 2mm facets loose, moist.

35 cms to 85 cms: Four finger .5 mm rounds old storm snow.

85 cms to 110 cms: Fist 3 mm stellars new storm snow.

Ragged shear in the facets when cutting the columns. CTE-Q2.


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