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AK on the Mind

Welp, it’s been a while. The season that never was led to a long summer off for the EVI crew. A snowy weekend across Colorado reminded us that a new season is just around the corner. Just in time, Matt put together an Alaska edit filled with footage from the EVI trip up North this past spring. Enjoy!

AK Perspective Edit from matt luczkow on Vimeo.

Disco Boots

New snow, back to summer break on Wednesday. Some shots of a recent EVId project. Get some!

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Natus Pulveris

EV Shoots

Be the Hawk…

Featured in ODD’s post from the other day…a track from a small mouse enters from the right only to have a life changing event occur courtesy of a bird of prey.  The lesson here: be the hawk.  You never know when you’re gonna get caught.

2000ft. In 2 minutes

Video from last spring of an early morning run down Riva Ridge. Crispy. More or less top to bottom in two minutes…now, can you do it faster?

Sunset Over EV

Taken from Uneva Peak, this shot was submitted from one of our FB friends Lucas.  Thanks!  A beautiful view and with December coming, we’re staying positive for snow!

2012 Season Preview

New video is live!  Some of our favorite hits from last year and a few bits footage left on the cutting room floor.  Big air, cliff drops, deep pow, and tight trees…all the usual fare from us.  We put this up to get psyched for the 2012 season…here’s to hoping it’s a lot like last year!  The Black Keys provide the sounds.

God Save the Pow

Word to the George…could be a new shirt on the way.

Guiding Light…

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