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EVI – Going BIG 04/11/2011

Going BIG off a 40 footer in the East Vail Chutes. DEEP powder turns and some trees round out the run. EVI friends Big J and DJ were along for the trip. Nas provides the soundtrack. Stay Calm and Move Along.

Long Road Ahead…

…gotta work to get the goods.

EVI Old Man’s Edit 03.04.11

Another great run down Old Man’s in the East Vail Chutes. Surprisingly deep last week, currently on hold waiting for more snow. Music comes off the Ghostly Swim mix tape from Osborne – “Wait a Minute…”

EVI King Arthur’s Edit 02.21.11

Recent edit from a trip to King Arthur’s in East Vail. Pow was deep and trees were tight. No slide activity a couple days after a big dump…what a day. Music provided by DDL Roundhouse

EVI Forgotten Trees Edit 03.05.11

An epic run through the trees out in East Vail. The video makes it look easy, but don’t underestimate the terrain. If your unfamiliar with east vail, go with someone who knows…

Mushroom Bowl Edit

A little video from early February in mushroom bowl – side country @ Vail. Snow pack was good and deep…if a bit thick. We were able to see a few natural slides on the north facing cliffs leading down into the bowl, but the lower portions seemed solid. A more detailed snow report, including details from a pit dig coming soon…stay tuned.

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