About EVI

The East Vail Institute is an informational resource and a collection of observations and experiences from the EV zone. These reports are our own and are not intended as a substitute for your own observations and avalanche training in uncontrolled terrain.  We do not imagine ourselves to be anything more than we are, eyes on the ground.  We do not offer any formal training to our readers and do not imply that what we post is a substitute for proper avalanche training.  If you don’t like what we post, the CAIC has plenty of resources for the greater summit / vail zone.

Furthermore, the name “institute” is hereafter and throughout the http://www.eastvailinstitute.com domain  used as parody and should not be implied as a degree granting authority.  This site is about relevant and timely avalanche information provided to readers in a different format. If you can’t understand, or do not appreciate the satire, please stop reading, sell your skis, and sit quietly in your parent’s basement.  If you have any serious questions, shoot us an email: eastvailinstitute (at) gmail (dot) com

DISCLAIMER: The East Vail Institute, our posts, and the use of our site is for informational use only. Venturing into the back country and other uncontrolled terrain is inherently risky and should be done after taking the necessary avalanche awareness and preparedness courses. By using our site, you understand these risks and hold EVI, it’s writers, editors, and site managers harmless against any injury or incidence as a result of personal actions.  If you didn’t know already, skiing is inherently risky and you assume all liability.

2 responses to “About EVI”

  1. Francois says :

    Keep up the good work.
    I will be sending my son out with you as soon as he takes some avalanche training!
    We have a house in EV and his uncle used to ski home at the end of the day.
    Where can I get a sticker?

    • martineast says :

      Thanks, we can get you a sticker no problem. Email me your info at martineast01@gmail and I can get you one. We can mail it or you can pick it up in town. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate it.

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