Johnny Tsunami RIP

I am heartbroken to learn of another friend who died. I made it back to Vail again after leaving Red Mountain Pass after the storm cycle that buried the crappy early season pack that ended up  taking the lives of 3 Eagle County men.  I had toured for a week on moderate danger with terrible but safe skiing in the San Juan’s. I knew that after the storm the pass would be closed out due to deep slab instability for an indeterminate amount of time. So I left. As much as I’ve tried to find other places,Vail has been the closest thing to home I’ve know. So I returned. That’s because of the people. Johhny Tsunami was one of those folks. One of the last true EVers that I know from my day. A true ski bum. I mean that as the best possible compliment in a place that has become so different, so based on money and image and real estate.No pretention, just a love of skiing. I always loved to see him and talk skiing. He was always stoked, always ready to go. I was so hoping to see him. I’m so sad I didnt get to ski with him. I’m so sad to lose another friend. Vail is less without him. I’m going to talk to a friend. Then I am going to the George where he schooled at pool and have a drink for a legend. I’m old. I’ve made stupid decisions and somehow survived as others havent doing the same thing. Over two thousand of runs in the zone. I hope get into EV when it’s possible to take a run for Gus Tony Bindu Johnny Joe and those before and their families. I used to treat it like my job. I love EV forever but wonder if it’s even worth it. Please understand there is no judgement. Please read and heed the avalanche report. The DSI is real and only two ways it can change. One rip to the ground and reset. Two consistent snowfall with consistent temps over a long period of time to heal the pack. Both will take time. Until then you are playing with fire. Rest in peace my friend.


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