Recent Activity 1/23/12

Went up with no expectations today.   Caution was on high.  Saw the activity under blue-sky’s famous cornice and took notice.

We encountered a couple other riders on the skin up, as well as at the top of Benchie.   We all talked about our observations and our plan of action.  They had mentioned having observed avi activity next to  Tele-Line.  The activity was visible from the top in a couple different areas.  Let them go ahead and waited for a long time for them to make their descent.  They did not set off any new activity.

The initiation was on the downhill side of the cliffs, potential release area for both natural and human triggered slides.  Ranged from 0.2m-0.6m. deep and ran a ways downslope.

Evidence of two slides can be seen here, one during the last storm the other since yesterday.  Also noted, were shooting cracks and obvious instability in the open glades.  Further down to our riders right was a much more significant avi event that ran much farther.

Depth of some of the crown surface was an esimated 0.4m-0.6m.

Did not approach slides due to the presence of hangfire and obvious signs of instability.  Stuck to lower angle pitches and skied amongst tall pines that were possible anchors for the weak snowpack.  Below treeline, more cracking below the traverse through the aspens was observed.


Signals were everywhere and careful route planning and good decsion making are a must.  Stay safe!

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