Sunny after powder day in vail, but not much enjoyment in it after the tragic death of a 13 year old local skier.  Bombs were resonating all day in the Vail area, with slides happening in places I’ve never seen before inbounds, like lower Sugar Mountain.  We went out to check out expected releases in EV after the storm and reported near misses from yesterday and had no expectations of skiing.  Had been two days since I had been back, purposely  taking time off due to dangerous conditions.  Saw evidence of natural and probable skier triggered avalanches, some of them considerable size.  Check out the photos on Luke’s report.

Looked like yesterday was an active one, as slides, cracks and debris were all evident on E-NE slopes, a big one in West Marvin’s. Below treeline had evidence of large cracking and piles of debris indicating stability was terrible down lower in the trees yesterday as well.   Heard a report of a partial burial below treeline yesterday but don’t know the details, I believe CAIC has the report.

Glad no one died in EV over the weekend, really thought it might happen.  Hard to believe inbounds, though.  Not much else to say. Hope to get back to enjoying the pow, but wondering if that is in the cards this season.  Had some good skiing and didn’t see any new activity today, but in light of recent events, it doesn’t matter. Pow skiing should be fun not tragic.

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