EV report 3/4 Old Mans and team traverse

Howdy all,

Just skied an Old Mans this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at the snow conditions. A nice seven or so inches back in the zone made the skiing pretty damn good. East aspects showed signs of small naturals, expected since the strengthening sun and the days of warm weather created a firm crust for the new snow to sit on. nothing too significant, just a reminder that spring is here and the days to ski the west wall are numbered. Old mans skied fresh and except for small sluffing, the new snow seemed to hold pretty well.

A special shout out to the wolfpack in old mans before me.

I have no idea what people are thinking when the drop in to Old mans, not make one turn and traverse the entire face west to the trees by CDC on a 45 degree angle. I mean thanks for putting yourself out there to check snow stability with the worst ski cut ever, but I hope you have major medical and no kids. Good God. Anyway, another sweet day in EV, looking forward to the next series of storms coming, fingers crossed. Big Saturday tomorrow, watch above you. See ya

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