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Mini Slide in EV 02.21.11

With recent snowfalls in East Vail, the team has been busy hitting the local terrain for analysis, and a bit of fun. Lots more to come in the next few days including localized field write ups and a couple lengthy video edits.

For now, we felt it important to share that two members of our team were caught in small slides the other day on OM in the EV chutes — we caught this little bit on video. It’s not much, but it should give everyone an idea of what the snow pack can be like underneath the fluff. ┬áMore details to come, so stay tuned…

Mushroom Bowl Edit

A little video from early February in mushroom bowl – side country @ Vail. Snow pack was good and deep…if a bit thick. We were able to see a few natural slides on the north facing cliffs leading down into the bowl, but the lower portions seemed solid. A more detailed snow report, including details from a pit dig coming soon…stay tuned.

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