End of Times..For Skiing at Least

At 6:30 p.m, Saturday March 14 our hotel here in Mountain Village received an email from Telski, the Telluride resort company saying that our season ends now.  Beyond that an internal memo from the company reports that Gov. Polis has ended the season, at least for a period of time, for all ski areas in Colorado. This isn’t a sick joke but something that has actually just happened two hours ago. Realistically, it will end the season for at least some resorts.

It’s not on the internet, but it will be and will affect the lives of countless ski area workers here and around the state depending on the next six weeks to make money to live into the off-season.

It didn’t hit home till now that Covid-19 is for reals as we had been buffered a bit down here. Now it’s on.  Wash your hands, grab the skins and the touring set-up and earn em’ because that’s the new reality in 2020.

Crazy times.


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