11/27/18 Bindu

Just wanted to give condolences to the family of Bindu and his friends in the East Vail Tribe.  A phone call that was pretty hard to fathom in a Home Depot a world away.  A deep snow accident in Abrahams is all I know.  I was stoked to hear Colorado was getting pounded, and thought the phone call was a buddy calling to rub it in. I was not expecting the tragic news.

Last time I saw him he bought me a shot of whiskey at the Fort Seward Lodge in Haines. He had just arrived with his buddy and were in town to fly. I saw the trip report and the pic on the AH website of the day, Bindu shredding down a couli.  Bindu, as I remember, was always sending.  I could always count on an East Vail bus ride story of Bindu’s latest exploits.  He had the love.

It’s an atypical and unique world when the snow rises above the waist in the back country,  with its’ own hazards and rules. Special and dangerous.  It’s the conditions that make EV come alive into it’s full potential.   Deep, unconsolidated early season snow can act a lot like quicksand in terrain traps, tree wells and landings.

Please everyone be careful and mindful of each other. A long deep EV season is a marathon that requires vigilance.

RIP Bindu.

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