2015/2016 Season Preview


8 hours by air, three stops at various hot springs and paradise has been effectively leached from my bones.  I know what you are thinking. How, why, would you leave the land of surfing, bikinis and 85 degree turquoise water? Especially at my advancing age, it’s exactly what you are supposed to do… let youthful follies such as EV fade into the rearview and start concentrating soft hobbies like Scrabble, clam-digging and turtle watching. Leave that world to the youthful senders.

True, I don’t stay out as late as used to and hangovers have to be scheduled but I’m not quite dead yet.  I will always be a skier, and that’s really what it comes down to. I discussed this with Deuce as he sat lounging by a pool in California with his girlfriend. He was basking in luxury and happiness but all he could think about was the storm back here. Knowing full well there is an entire season ahead, it still was eating at him. This powder thing, its a powerful addiction. Luckily it’s a healthy one or I would have been dead a long time ago.

So, for what it’s worth, EVI is back in some shape or form. Looking forward to passing along the antics of the locals and weekend warriors alike for another year. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Good things about being a master’s division EV skier. . I don’t hear well, so don’t bother 2. I probably don’t remember you or why you’re mad.

here’s to a safe year all.



J-dog gets his fix. 11/6/15

4 responses to “2015/2016 Season Preview”

  1. Stewart Birmingham says :

    Welcome back Marty!

    Glad to see EVI is back up and running. You will see me around quite a bit for most of the season, the rest being spent guiding up in AK. Happy shredding!


  2. jarredroy says :

    Great to get a long awaited update! Are you going to be a permanent fixture and master of EV yet again?? All things aside, I’m sure the aloha spirit and mental north sure waves was on point braddah!

    Best Jarred

    Jarred 720-309-4051


    • martineast says :

      I’m trying to do both! Maui was a much needed dose of warmth and aloha. Its now a necessary part of existence. But looking forward to getting back in the game and harvesting the pow. Good to hear from you Jarred, thanks for the support. We should ski.

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