Haven’t been out in a few days, no real reason since EV got blown out on snow balls weekend. The temperatures spiked again after the recent snow, manking up the lowers and making the east facing areas susceptible to slides with the intense sun over the last few days.
I’m sure the tree dweller faction of the EV community is still finding decent pockets up high in the deep dark north facing trees, but again the high temps have rendered the lower tree pow pockets thick. Basically April in March.
I’d be lying if I sad my mind wasn’t starting to wander north. The lack of consistency in EV with weather and snow this year hasn’t allowed any kind of skiing progression. The ability to run lines of consequences were limited to a couple of days, immediately having to back off due to high winds or rising temps messing with the snow. The feeling with most of the EV season, save a few great days, is one of survival.
Today the temperatures have dropped with the incoming front. A definite tweener day both on and off the mountain greybird and bulletproof.
Out tomorrow for an overdue pit, hope for some fresh snow tonight.

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