2/23/12 Open and Shut

Windows to ski things this season have been few and far between.  Last year the opportunity remained open for extended periods with excellent snow to ski things not available all the time.  This year the time to send things even moderate lines can be measured in a just a couple of days.  Today the wind that was supposed to hit on Wednesday came today with much colder temperatures and periods of heavy snow, changing the game yet again.

With the weather, avalanche conditions, visibility deteriorating from yesterday, back to square one in EV.  Of particular concern at the moment is the east facing egress out of the Benchmark drainage.  Noticed high winds going east to west(wrong way) on the way out today, with the large east face after Tele Line loading considerably with heavy snow and wind around noon.  To our boarder friends that use this as a way out from Abe’s, be mindful of this on Friday. This face has remained thin this year, but is at a critical point of snow depth with the recent weather, could be loaded. As always, use your own judgement to keep yourself and friends safe. This is just my opinion.

Interesting CAIC video posted today. A mix of pit data and shots of wind slab breaks at the top of a couple of spots in EV.   Not sure where the pit was in relation to the pictures of the wind slab slides.   I agree with the CAIC, and I have no doubt we will see another avalanche cycle soon. We’ve had a couple big ones already and conditions look like they are lining up for another.  We’ll see what transpires


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