Happy New Year 1/2/12

2011 is done and not a moment too soon. Not much changed the first few days of 2012, and the outlook for snow in the near future isn’t very good. The ridge of high pressure is entrenched and continues to push everything north while we languish in biking weather. Pretty ironic that the places in the mid-west that I learned to ski are having 12 inch reports.

Pulled out the bike again, sad state of affairs on the first day of 2012. As the doomsdayers begin to say the sky isn’t gonna fall, wanderlust begins to set in. Admittedly, I’ve been looking at the places that have snow. Skiers and riders are nomadic and will travel where the snow is. EVI is no exception.

We at EVI aren’t buying the doomsday crap and the snow will come when it comes. Like the honey badger, mother nature doesn’t give a shit. Frankly its a good thing we as humans can’t predict or control the weather(i.e screw it up worse), so playing the game day by day, year by year is part of being a snow slider.

I have been paying attention to the huge pack up north and am mulling over ideas for trips for later in the season. I have a couple contacts in the heli world and would able to be put together a group or two for the Juneau Haines area in April. If anyone would be interested in heading to AK in April for a couple weeks, please let us know by e-mailing us or calling 970-331-5113. I’ll keep an eye on AK over the next month and plan accordingly.

We have a ways to go before we cry uncle here in the valley, but the natives are most definitely restless. Riding my bike under the peaks only exacerbates the jones. Whatever it takes, I plan on getting some snow this year.

I have no backcountry report, the snow pack is still what it is and I have no urge to tweak a knee in the mank. Stay strong readers and we’ll see you on the other side of the sunny pugatory.

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