12/20 Hey Ullr, we’re f*****g waiting…


What can we say here at EVI, except what a difference a year makes.  The Christmas crush is on here at Vail and I truly feel for our VA worker bees at the moment. With limited terrain to operate with and a full Christmas crowd they have their hands full, good luck to the folks in the trenches.

EVI is supposed to be about all things East Vail. Honestly at the moment, there is  nothing to report on because skiing anywhere out there isn’t worth it.  We are in an early season powder hibernation with plenty of sunny high pressure dominating our weather while the Pineapple Express soars northward and pounds B.C and AK.  There have been a few reported defectors I know of that have bolted north.  Cowards. Most of us are here for the long haul, to ride it out and wait for the weather shift in a long season to come.   Luckily, we are better off than Tahoe and parts of Europe,  and are open.  We all (myself included) need keep that in mind and be grateful for the little things while waiting for the faucet to turn on.

I refuse to bring  out the bike again (out of principle) and will be taking a break from the Christmas skiercross on Vail Mountain. I’m considering a walk into the Gore on Wed to check out the snow pack, but it’s obvious the snow is lacking the pack at the moment. The little settled storm snow on top of loose facets of various size and shape, brimming with surface hoar doesn’t bode well for the next snow load.  Danger is said to be  moderate, and I’m sure that there a areas of wind drifted slabby old storm snow that could pop and drag you for  a rocky ride, but my concern is looking forward, as there is no avalanche danger on my couch where I will be untill conditions drastically improve.  Posted a new HP (hard pack) video from last spring, I’m sure you all can identify with the sound of edges on fresh, frozen groomed.  Good fun, scary fast.

 Do what you can out there people.  Wash your car, tune up the race skis, start painting you house, whatever it takes.  Sacrifice a virgin?  Might be a little early for human sacrifice, we’re pow addicts not monsters right?  Plus it’s the Vail valley, so good luck with that… Merry Christmas all, ask Santa for a three footer if you get a chance…

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