4/20/11 report

Hey all,

The hits just keep coming. Hit five hundred for the year and skied EV powder the latest I ever have, not a bare spot in sight. Blustery windy and dumping yesterday, the storm preceded by some good thunder the night before. Worried about stability issues as the high wind and warmer denser snow created a noticeable 6 to 12 inch firmer spongey layer on the north aspects. Relieved to find the slab didn’t have much energy, and little or no movement at all occurred during our three lap no poma day. Very cushy, surfy surface that rockered skis are made for. The Ol Mans gash is slowly turning into a tunnel as the prevailing winds from the s/sw are doing there best to connect the outer flanks of the notch. Tried not to make eye contact with the bulging cornice after shooting the gap and running into the middle with DPS Dave on the third lap, fresh from Dtown after an airport run to get one in.
So nice to be up top and know the names of everyone there, shooting the shit and reviewing what has to be considered one of if not the best year in EV memory for consistent snow. Justifies my ski bum lifestyle for the last thirteen years. Looking forward to the second season coming up and should have ski reports through May from Abasin and beyond.

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