4/1-4/3 reports


EV skiing was truly funky. Did an Old Man’s, the new snow was like skiing two feet of mattress. The warm temps and high winds turned everything exposed into a glazed donut. Trees are still skiing well, with deep space funk snow. Graupel warning in effect as the little ball bearings were collecting everywhere, making a possible weak layer in patches where they aren’t degraded by the sun or blown off, especially in shaded wind protected areas. Today’s sun and warm temps should mank everything out pretty well. Amazing the difference a couple days will make in the spring. Monday Tuesday were some of the best days in awhile, now we’re back to the good ol melt freeze cycle, maybe without the freeze. Taking time off from EV to let the legs rest. Watching the next possible storm on Sunday, Monday. Put on the shades and slush it up. I hope we get a few more pow days before the EV season closes out.


Watching closely the weather moving in from the NW. Forecast is for another run at Mon/Tues powder days. Looks like a good chance for significant snow this afternoon, today and tomorrow. Sobering story in the daily about a big slide near A Basin, ten to twenty feet deep on a south aspect, 300 feet wide that caught a couple skiers.
The deep snowpack has changed significantly with the warm temps, crust formation and the percolation of water into the snowpack. Planning on digging another profile pit in the Gore on Tuesday. Look forward to sharing the results with everyone.

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