3/19 EV early report

Hey all,

Got an early Friday morning report from EV, nine new of the fluff and the sun has all the heavy hitters out early on big Fri. Seemed to be more snow west as this weird ass sw storm dumped rain then a late burst of snow Thurs night. Full on pow frenzy this Friday morning. I’m sure the two dozen early hitters represented Summit County and the Front Range well. Good to hear that Vail was also represented out there with the usual suspects teeing it up and some EV royalty imparting their special wisdom on others, go team!

We have never been closer to the moon, but the tides of EV seem to be well within normal ranges. Heading out at one today, skiing right of everyone else just to let you all know.

Oh if you didn’t already get the memo, Troy’s is the best shop around, EVI supports all our locals, but Troy’s is the official shop of EVI and for anyone that knows anything about pow.

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