Report from 2/25

Howdy EV schralpers,
Snow keeps coming and so do the reports of instability in our favorite areas. Big J an DJ hit up Benchie first thing on Friday in the seven turned twenty one inches in EV. DJ dropped in and set off a slide in the upper rollover that ran about fifty feet wide and into the first bench. New snow only with no step down into the previous layers and stopped before the cliff band.

As spring approaches, I have a wary eye on the snowpack as temps and snow densities are changing. As alway our main concern is emerging deep slab instability, things that go big and run to the flats. The new storm that rolled in from Cal has much warmer temperatures and denser snow. Interested to see if the stability is better with a day of settling and new on top with the warmer temps.

Skied a tweeners to the ridge yesterday, enjoyed great deep snow in the bonus pockets and beyond.
It’s big kooky Saturday in the zone. Watch above you and stay classy east vail

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