Snow Cycle Summary 2/19-2/21

Trying to sum up this last cycle. Let’s start with the rant about southwesterly storms. Hit or miss for us usually with warm temperamental storms that can pass us by. Or dump rain. Bottom line is any time there’s a pineapple express and they call for 2 feet here, take it with a grain of salt and watch it. No exception for the last storm cycle. Calling for the big one, we got a fraction of what they called for, 4 inches on sun and a called 7 monday morning. Don’t get me wrong, plenty in ev for an awesome day off and an interesting change in the snow stability, but give me the north westerlies any day of the week.
The storm started as warm and wet with promise got windy and stayed off our track, unusual as we have had the storm track on our side for the year. Wind picked up and it seemed the snow line for the storm stayed just to our south. I thought I actually saw the boundary of snow around Mt Massive on my way up to Benchmark on Saturday.

Sunday was a bit of a surprise, as I thought the storm had passed us by. The seven inches was light an fluffy and the strong southwesterly winds loaded ev in typical fashion, turning the seven into two feet in the zone, making the skiing excellent but touchy for Sunday and Monday. Upcoming are trip reports for the last three days…

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