Ev report for 2/6 to 2/7

Howdy folks and welcome the new EVI site. This site aims to provide local information and conditions specific to the Vail backcountry. It’s not in anyway a substitute for CAIC information but hopefully a specific detailed zone report forecast for the East Vail chutes and a forum for those who ride in the Vail backcountry.
It has been an epic couple of days in the zone, although the two dramatic differences in snow density and stability. Monday saw moderate temps with light blower powder in excess of 40 cms and light wind except on ridge tops. Moderate stability considering the amount of load on formed crusts from a week of sun and low temps. natural avalanche activity on the west wall and the middle of old mans observed to happen during the storm. conditions were some of the best of the year as big john and I were able to do a trifecta on old mans right, benchie center and a timber falls to complete the day in waist deep blower conditions. Skier triggered avie in lower section of tweeners on the secondary ne face ran 4 to 5 feet deep on old crust. I was able to cut the lower old mans runnout to tree stand exit e facing 30 to 35deg with no problems indicating the fact that trigger areas are localized and touchy.
Tuesday saw an additional 20 to 30 cm but much denser as the winds picked up at all elevations and temperatures dropped with the snow fall creating a much denser top layer. Able to get a sizable chunk of cornice to go in old mans and got the recent layer in the middle to go all the way to the flats. Big John and I skied the right side and found good snow creamier but still deep.

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